Ebay is Knowingly Complicit in Fraud, Therefore Ebay is Committing Fraud

Ebay is Knowingly Complicit in Fraud–Therefore, Ebay is Committing Fraud

Try searching for “Revo Sunglasses” on Ebay. Their search engine returns 1400-1600+ results with at least 60% at any given time, being cheap, Chinese counterfeits claiming to have actual Revo lenses. I have pointed this out to Ebay several times. In fact, I used to be a VERO representative for eBay on Revo sunglasses. The simple truth is that Ebay would rather accept the ongoing listing and Final Value Fees from the couple/several dozen of sellers actively commiting this online fraud. As stated above, this is occuring at a rate of 840-960+ fake, fraudulent listings (just for sellers of fake Revo sunglasses)–on any given day. Indeed, Amazon is likely equally as complicit. But I have not personally pointed this fact out to Amazon, as I have with Ebay.

Ebay has been complicit in this fraud since 1997. Their corporate response to copyright infringement lawsuits has been to create another level of inept bureaucracy, in the form of their VeRO (“Verified Rights Owner”) Program. One incredibly major flaw in this program is the fact that Ebay does not verify that any VeRO representative is authorized by the company owning the brand. In fact, my experience has been just the opposite–Ebay has put the foxes in charge of the henhouse. The only listed VeRO Representative for Revo sunglasses has a GMAIL email address. This person claims to be a consultant for Revo sunglasses on the Ebay website. However, this person will not provide any documentation, or contact numbers for verifying their consulting endeavors for Revo sunglasses at the GMAIL address they and Ebay have provided. What’s worse, is that you can contact this person and get a response, but when you inquire as to why they permit the abuse and fraud on Ebay, they do not respond. Similarly, when you ask them to be proactive, and report fraudulent abuses of sellers pushing fake Revo “lens” sunglasses, they cease communication–as though they are selling these fakes, themselves. …Honestly, why else would someone with a GMAIL account, claim to be a Revo “Consultant”, and then not respond to concerns from a customer, or even more appalling, why would they not look into and remove fraudulent listings unless they themselves were complicit in fraud, as well?? When I point this out to Ebay, the representative responds with “that isn’t how the program should work”, but no interest or protocol for pursuing the truth any further. In fact, their response was to offer me a VeRO representative position for Revo sunglasses, then remove access to me, when they realized the scale of the problem.

Here are over two dozen Ebay Sellers that fit this shameful, and literally criminal profile, as of today:

ZeroUV, OCee_Sunglasses, neovisioneyewear, sharpko, horsemann12, s2usilverwerkz2008, hd-sunglasses, rock-mart, atanacc, styleswithoutlabels, thediscountextravaganza, new-glasses, sageventures, 106shades, hawwk9, nettrader4u, triple-optic, sunspecs_emporium, bpmc90, juicyorange714, giatrading, gianpinco, max_focus, dusktodawn, outstandingdiscoveries, bdize_australia, fiorieyewear, al*82385, planet-direct, bboytman, storiwell

A couple of these fraudulent sellers of fake Revo sunglasses, not only sell these pairs individually, but they wholesale giant boxes of these cheap, crappy shades–saturating the market & online world with garbage–and dragging down the paramount, optical-quality reputation of Revo Sunglasses. ZeroUV, OceeSunglasses, and Sharpko are three of the most blatant offenders. These three sellers have been pushing fraudulent, cheap, Chinese, fake “Revo ‘LENS’ Sunglasses” for nearly a decade. One, or two of them have been doing this since 1997 & before. At least one of them is selling giant, wholesale lots on Ebay as well. I have purchased from each of these sellers, during my experiment to see if these claims are legitimate–and all of them sold me cheap, fakes, with nothing that was authentic to the claims of having “Revo lenses”.

I contacted Revo Sunglasses. You can too! I purchased a pair or two of these from various sellers–just to find out if they are fake or not. I received the merchandised, contacted Revo Sunglasses, and found out that I had been sold fakes, fraudulently. I left negative feedback for each of these sellers, so I could warn other customers who are otherwise continuing to be completely mislead, & coereced into keeping the counterfeits due to wordsmithing in the listing, and holding refunds hostage in exchange for positive feedback. The sellers listed above are committing fraud Ebay has been complicit in this fraud for over 13 years. However, now that Ebay has had this appalling truth pointed out and refused to take action–they are not just complicit, but Ebay is actively committing fraud!!

Do you have a Bad Ebay Experience?? –Please share your experience, here!

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